Business VoIP

Control costs and get productivity-boosting features!

We offer a portfolio of products using Voice over IP (VoIP) technology to help business customers manage their networks more efficiently, reduce costs and leverage new, leading-edge applications. All backed by competitive service level agreements (SLAs), which are standard with the product portfolio.

Our Hosted and IP T1 business VoIP solutions are scalable and interchangeable, allowing you to migrate to a total VoIP environment at your own pace:

Hosted Telephony (VoIP)

Pay for your telephony by the seat! A complete, turnkey, hosted solution with all of the features of a PBX, but without the capital expense.

  • Treats telephony like software. Pay monthly by the seat and feature groups per station.
  • Eliminates the need for infrastructure or maintenance costs.
  • Delivers a top quality, highly reliable, telephone system that is easy to manage and use.
  • A desk top interface (web portal) provides management of everyday functions such as moves, adds, changes and deletes (MACD), as well as network applications.

You want some or all of the features and functionality of a PBX without the associated capital, lease and maintenance costs.
You are ready to replace your PBX or Key system or are relocating.

Provider hosts and manages your bandwidth on its secure network

Dynamic Bandwidth IP T1

Enables VoIP technology using IP based or existing legacy Key or PBX system, allowing you to migrate to a total VoIP environment at your own pace

  • Typically does not require additional investment in costly infrastructure or desktop equipment.
  • Choose from a Long Distance Only or a Local and Long Distance package.
  • Flexible growth choices are available since the product is scalable and interchangeable with our VoIP products.

You are looking for a cost-effective way to carry voice and data over the same connection using your existing Key or PBX system and phones.