Managed Services

Casablanca Business Communication provides a full suite of managed and monitored network and security offerings including managed Frame Relay, VPN, Internet, Email, and Intrusion Detection. Managed offerings include the management and monitoring of the various network connections, and the CPE, which includes: Routers, Hubs, Switches, Firewalls, IDS devices, and network servers.

MB.LinkVPN - Managed DSL VPN

MB.LinkVPN is a fully managed DSL VPN solution. We provide clients with an optimized DSL network design using premium network providers such as AT&T, CenturyLink, EarthLink, Verizon and MegaPath, and SBC. The advantages of using premium network providers include:

This offer provides the best network at the lowest possible cost along with system components (hardware and software), installation, day-to-day management and maintenance procedures for all equipment. The Network Operations Center (N.O.C.) and Help Desk proactively monitor customer networks on a 24x7x365 basis from Charlotte , NC

MB.LinkVPN - Managed VoIP

MB.Link VoIP is a suite of fully managed offers with best in class value that dynamically integrates over any broadband IP circuit; local, unlimited long distance, and secured Internet access. Our management components help customers make sense of the vast number of VoIP components flooding the market. With a managed solution we can remove the implementation and lifecycle barriers to VoIP solutions by managing all of the components, including the underlying WAN and VPN connectivity.

MB.Link VoIP is designed to meet the needs of customers whether they have an existing IP telephony solution, a traditional telephone system, or require a new system. This service can be provisioned on essentially any carrier's broadband network and can often leverage existing WAN infrastructure to minimize initial capital investments. MB.Link VoIP is designed to maximize the return regardless of the situation.

Also available are a full suite of proven managed network, security, and server offers that compliment any VoIP environment

MB.Link Managed Server

Server management allows customers to have locally deployed servers that are remotely monitored and managed by an experienced team of professionals trained in Microsoft and Linux. The server management product suite is managed and monitored via our state of the art Network Operations facility located in Charlotte , NC . The infrastructure boasts UPS and diesel power backup, OC48 redundant fiber access rings, high availability firewalls with diverse and redundant routing, as well as mirrored servers in an offsite data center managing over 6,000 devices in 50 states and over 22 countries.

Managed Server Types:

Implementation and Management

We will configure and install servers based on client requirements. For monitoring purposes a small agent is installed on each managed server. The agent allows the NOC to poll the server and retrieve alarm information for our monitoring and management systems. Our technicians follow prescribed trouble shooting processes that are tracked and viewable in our trouble ticketing system. Technicians also create tickets for patch management which is implemented during customer prescribed maintenance windows. The Move, Add, Change process is used for reconfiguring servers and activities like adding and deleting users from the mail and DNS servers.