Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)

Product Description

DIA service offers a premium level of performance and security. Your traffic is transmitted over the Provider's Internet Protocol (IP) network at the highest rates currently available with a goal of near 0% packet loss. To demonstrate the validity of its claims to speed and throughput, the Provider offers a publicly accessible Web site where customers can view the inner workings of the Provider's IP backbone and see estimated performance levels in real time via their statistical site.

Options to Solve Your Business Challenges

Your current access needs are likely to grow in the future. As a result, the Provider offers access speeds and pricing plans that meet your current requirements and future needs:

Industry-Leading Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is available throughout the United States . DIA service also provides high-speed Internet access to more than 240 major cities in 19 European countries and Asia .

How to Get Started

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